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New IMF 32

Prescribe, dispense, administer and monitor medicines

IMF provides information for effective and safer medicines management in clinical practice. All prescribing information is approved by the relevant regulatory authorities within Ireland and the EU. It is fully-complete (all brands and all generics) and completely independent (no advertising).

Official medicines information for Ireland

IMF is Ireland-specific and designed for use by health professionals working in Ireland. Prescribing information is based on the approved license (HPRA and/or EMA). All brands and generics are relevant to Ireland (are licensed and marketed in Ireland). Prices are in Euro and reimbursement details are for the Irish healthcare system.

Doctors, dentists, pharmacists and nurses

Effective medicines management involves communication between many professional disciplines. IMF provides a clear, unambiguous platform for exchanging patient medication details accurately. By referring to IMF at each stage, medication errors can be minimised or avoided.

Medicines information for busy clinical practice.

The entire design and format of IMF ensures medication queries are answered rapidly. It eliminates the wild-goose chases around the internet to find the right information. Included are details for all populations – adults, elderly, children and guidance for renal/hepatic impairment.

A powerful and trusted medicines handbook

First introduced in 2007, IMF is now used by thousands of health professionals. It forms a key roles in primary, secondary and community care. Over the past 15 years, it has continued to evolve and improve to give health professionals the right information for optimal patient outcomes.

All in one robust little book.

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