Snapshot of what’s new in IMF 31

Each new edition of IMF captures changes to the medicines licensed and marketed in Ireland since the previous edition.

It is important to note that the vast majority of updates occur in the prescribing and safety information for drug-classes and for individual medications. Such updates might include changes to recommended dosage, special precautions, potential drug interactions as well as practical details including reimbursement status and presentations available for each drug.

Therefore always using the most up to date IMF is strongly recommended.

New Molecules, New Combinations

Allergic Rhinitis:                                Mometasone, Olopatadine

Atopic Dermatitis:                             Abrocitinib

Atopic Dermatitis:                             Tralokinumab

Dermatology:                                     Deoxycholic Acid

Endometriosis:                                   Dienogest

Haematology:                                    Pegcetacoplan

Migraine:                                            Galcanezumab

Ophthalmology:                                Dexamethasone + Levofloxacin

Parkinson’s Disease:                        Opicapone

Prostate Cancer:                               Apalutamide

Psoriatic Conditions:                        Risankizumab

Psoriatic Conditions:                        Tildrakizumab

Vaccines:                                             Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (15-valent)

Vaccines:                                             Varicella Zoster Vaccine (recombinant, adjuvanted)

New Generic Equivalents

IMF is unique: it includes all generic medicines licensed and marketed in Ireland in addition to the original branded products. There are 11 new such medicines included in this new edition. Each new product is detailed in the relevant chapter.

New Formulations, Presentations

In addition to new medicines, a number of existing medicines have been updated with new formulations, new strengths, or new presentations. Details for each of these changes are included in the relevant entries.

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